一般報名及參加者須知 General terms and conditions

    1. 報名人士須於報名兩星期內或2020年12月31日下午5時前(以較早日期為準)完成繳付最低籌款額,即經銀行過數後,方能保證參與資格。
      Please submit the minimum donation amount within 2 weeks once your application form is submitted or on/before 5:00pm, 31 December 2020 to confirm your registration (with priority determined by the bank’s clearing date of the cheque or credit card payment).
    2. 報名將以先到先得方式決定參加資格,額滿即止。
      Quotas will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.
    3. 本會有權取消未達最低籌款額的網上報名申請;而以表格報名的企業隊,本會亦有權退回未達最低籌款額報名申請和款項,恕不另行通知。
      The Green Earth reserves the right to reject online applicants who do not settle the minimum sponsorship amount; For non-online registration, the organizer also reserves the right to reject applications that applications that do not meet the minimum sponsorship and return your donation without prior notice.
    4. 收到報名表後,本會約在7個工作天內進行支票 / 信用卡過數,經銀行成功過數後,參加資格會即獲自動確認。
      We will proceed the payment within 7 working days once your application form is received. After the payment is made successfully, the application will be confirmed automatically.
    5. 如有額外捐款,請於2021年3月12日或之前遞交額外捐款 ,捐款收據將於2021年3月尾或之前寄予各隊長。 詳情請查閱 「贊助表格」。
      Donation receipts will be sent to participants in late March 2021. For details, please refer to the “Donation / Sponsorship Form”. Please submit additional donation/sponsorship (if any) on or before 12 March, 2021.
    6. 「撐綠惜慈善夜行」2021突發情況之安排
      “Walk for The Green Earth “2021 Emergency situation arrangement :

      惡劣天氣 Bad weather
      Donations from sponsors, corporate teams and public participants will NOT be refunded should the event be cancelled due to bad weather.

      新冠病毒肺炎疫情 COVID-19 pandemic
      If the night walk is cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be replaced by an online walkathon and a series of online workshops.

      • 贊助單位及企業隊Sponsors and corporate teams
        All donations will not be refunded as the Night Walk is the main fundraising activity for the organisation. Sponsors and corporate teams can continue to participate in the online activities. Thank you for your kind support to us.
      • 公眾參加者Public participants
        Public participants are encouraged to participate in the online activities, and your donations will be used to support The Green Earth’s environmental work. However, you may apply for refund of your donations if you wish to (Operating costs of $100 will be deducted from each refunded donation).


    7. 本會已為活動購買第三者責任保險及活動意外保險。參加者如有需要,可自行購買額外保險。
      The Green Earth has purchased public liability insurance and group accidental insurance for the event. Participants can purchase additional insurance coverage at their own discretion.
    8. 本會保留取錄參加者及活動安排之最終決定權。
      The Green Earth reserves the right of final acceptance of applications and to change the event details without prior notice.
    9. 本會有權隨時修改此條款及細則而無須另行通知。
      The Green Earth reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
    10. 對關於活動之一切事宜,本會有最終決定權,請留意本會facebook最新公佈。
      The Green Earth reserves the right on the final decision in all matters pertaining to the event. Any changes or contingent measures for the event will be posted on The Green Earth’s facebook.

參加者須知 Terms and Conditions

請支持綠惜低碳旅程 Please support a low carbon green walk:

  1. 本活動不會派發即棄的樽裝水及容器,請參加者自備水杯/樽及餐具。
    No disposable bottled water and disposable cups will be provided, please bring your own bottle and cutlery.
  2. 大會將於起點/終點提供飲用清水,參加者請自備水樽。
    The drinking water points will be located at the start/finish point, please bring your own water bottle for refilling.
  3. 請避免使用即棄用品。
    Please avoid using disposable utensils.
  4. 為減少碳排放,我們鼓勵參加者乘搭公共交通工具或大會提供的穿梭巴士前往起點,並避免駕駛私家車到活動場地。
    To minimize the event’s carbon footprint, participants are encouraged to commute by public transport or shuttle bus arranged by The Green Earth. Please avoid driving to the venue.
  5. 起點/終點將設回收設施,請支持清潔回收。
    Recycling facilities will be set up at the start/finish point, please support clean recycling.
  6. 自己垃圾自己帶走
    Please “Take Your Litter Home”.

夜行活動須知 Remarks for Night Walk

  1. 本會將於2021年1月4日至6日寄出確認函件(包括活動詳情及電子步行證)予個人參加者 /各隊隊長,煩請隊長分發電子發步行證予各隊員。 步行當日,不設補發步行證及現場報名
    We will mail individual participants/team leaders their confirmation packs (including event details and e-registration cards) between 14 December, 2020 and 6 January, 2021.  Team leaders will be responsible for distributing the confirmation packs to their teammates. E-registration card replacement and walk-in registration will NOT be entertained on the event day.
  2. 參加者請於活動登記處出示步行證,以便登記工作。
    Please present the e-registration card at the registration counter of the walk.
  3. 大會並沒有寄存行李服務,請好好保管隨身行李。
    There is no luggage service at the venue.


安全須知 Safety Remarks

  1. 是次步行活動在晚間進行,參加者務請自備頭燈或手電筒。
    The event will be held at night, so please bring your headlight or flashlight.
  2. 參加者必須確保身體狀況適宜參加步行。
    All participants must declare that they are physically fit to participate in the event.
  3. 參加者在步行旅程中,任何時候均需小心注意自己及其他參加者的安全,並依從大會指示的步行路線,不可另選步行路徑。
    Please take good care of yourself or other participants. Please follow instructions given by the organizer and do not deviate from the designated route.
  4. 部份路段屬於車輛及行人共用路段,請小心車輛及單車。
    Part of the route is accessible by vehicles. Please be careful of any moving vehicles.
  5. 切勿用手電筒照射行駛中的車輛,免生危險。
    To prevent accidents, please do not shine your flashlight at any moving vehicles
  6. 如天文台於活動當日早上11時或之後懸掛三號或以上風球、黃/ 紅/黑色暴雨警告訊號,是次活動將會取消。
    In case of typhoon signal No.3 or above, amber or red or black rainstorm warning is hoisted at or after 11am by the Hong Kong Observatory on the event day, the event will be cancelled.

防疫措施 Epidemic prevention measures:

  1. 所有參加者及工作人員需完成健康申報表才可參加活動,申報個人健康狀況及14天內沒有外遊記錄或接觸確診人士。
    All participants and staff must complete a health declaration form to participate in the activity, declare their personal health and have no travel history or contact with a confirmed person within 14 days.
  2. 是次活動有分段式集合及起步時間,請參加者根據已安排的集合時間到達起點。
    This activity has a segmented assembly and start time, please arrive at the starting point according to the scheduled assembly time.
  3. 進入起步點前,所有參加者及工作人員需量度體温。
    Before entering the start point, all participants and staff need to take their body temperature.
  4. 請參加者自備口罩,在乘接駁車、報到登記、等候起步時必需戴口罩。
    Participants are requested to prepare their own masks, and they must wear masks while taking the shuttle bus, registering, and waiting at the start point.
  5. 步行活動時,請盡量與其它參加者保持一定的社交距離。
    While walking, please try to keep a certain social distance with other participants.
  6. 路線上設有加水站及小食點,設施會定時消毒。參加者領取小食後請盡量到空曠的地方享用。
    There are water filling stations and snack points on the route, and the facilities will be disinfected regularly. After getting the snacks, please try your best to enjoy them in an open place.
  7. 路線上所有展品會定時消毒,以確保衛生。
    All exhibits on the route will be disinfected regularly to ensure hygiene.