The total weight (132 tonnes) of plastic bottles disposed per day equivalent to 5.28 million pieces of 430ml containers. If linked together, the total number of plastic bottles disposed each year can circle the Earth eight times.

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Only 14% of plastic bottles are recycled in Hong Kong. Apart from urging the government to legislate for producer responsibility on beverage containers, we can all play a part in waste reduction by reducing our purchases and distribution of plastic bottled water.


The third largest amount of waste in Hong Kong’s landfills is surely plastic (based on 2016 data). Due to the lack of recycling outlets, this 2,000-tonne daily plastic waste will remain as it is for hundreds of years, which takes up precious landfill space. Concerns in recent years about substances such as plastic microbeads, plasticizers and bisphenol A (BPA) have grown from waste management to food safety issues. Although we cannot cut plastic out of our lives, we can definitely be more responsible in reducing the use of plastic to protect humans and nature against its threat.

The volume of bottled water consumed each year in Hong Kong totals over 900 million bottled water. Not only is this a waste issue, it has induced huge carbon and water footprints. We can absolutely reduce our dependence on disposable plastic bottled water by bringing our own reusable water bottles to play our role in reducing waste.

The Green Earth invites organizations to sign the Green Bottle Charter by having a corporate policy to ban the purchase and distribution of disposable plastic bottled water. We are aware that various limitations make it difficult for organizations to immediately implement such a policy, therefore we have designed a variety of Green Bottle labeling programmes to facilitate organizations to do their part in reducing plastic waste for a greener environment.



  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Reduce water footprint


  • Government departments/bodies
  • Commercial organizations
  • Schools/Colleges & Universities/University departments
  • NGOs (civil society organizations, professional bodies)

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    SUPPORT (optional)

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  • Water dispensers, dishwashing service (for large events)
  • Staff/Student experience workshop:
    Recycling facility experiential workshop / Take your own trash outing


  • List of participating organisations will be displayed on The Green Earth website
  • The Green Earth will hold an annual commendation, whereby organizations with the most active and creative ways of promoting the Green Bottle campaign will be recognized.
  • Organizations that achieve all the stated commitments throughout the year will have a chance of becoming the Green Bottle champion
  • Participants will be publicly recognized through press conferences and social media
  • INQUIRIES: Hahn Chu / Emma Leung Tel:3708 8380



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