Author: The Green Earth

The Annual Report of Plastic Bottle Brand Research – Half of the bottles belongs to local brands while the other half belongs to mainland Chinese brands (Video of Short-lived Plastic Brand Survey Attached)

(2 June 2019 Press release) Worldwide, over 8 million tonnes of plastic waste is dumped into the oceans every year, and beverage plastic bottles are the most commonly found type of waste during beach clean-up activities that serve as a good indicator of marine plastic waste. Based on our research findings, C’estbon, which is owned by the mainland Chinese brand China Resources, accounted for the most bottles collected. This was followed by Swire Coca-Cola series, Vita series, Watsons Water series, and mainland Chinese brand Master Kong respectively.


(2019年5月16日) 真人真事之一:有大學生「著晒suit」上堂匯報,同學訝異淺灰色的地板上,怎麼竟有一地Oreo餅碎,而且愈來愈多。卻原來該學生借了親戚十年前結婚用的皮鞋上陣,卻因太久沒穿而碎裂。