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Upcoming Activity

《Walk for The Green Earth 2018》Enrollment Starts!

Event Details and Join Now: http://greenearth-hk.org/nightwalk/

Walk for The Green Earth 2018 is a low carbon green event to spread the message of “Cherish the Earth”. The public will have a chance to get closer to the nature and to explore the beauty of our country park from day to night. The raised fund will be used to support TGE’s campaigns and education programmes and sustain her vision and mission in promoting a non-wasteful green lifestyle.

Date: 13 / 1 / 2018 (Saturday)
Venue: Sai Kung High Island Reservoir
Start Time: 4:00pm – 5:30pm (Before dusk)
Walking Time: 2.5 – 3 hours
Categories: Individual, Pair, Team, Family, Corporate Team


The Green Earth First Annual General Meeting

The Green Earth held our first AGM on 17 September 2017, and we announced that a new member has joined – welcome Professor Leung Wing Mo to become our Board director.

Professor Leung is the former Assistant Director of Hong Kong Observatory. After he retired from the government, he keeps joining climate-related activities and sharing his expertise on climate science to the public via media. Currently, he is the Principal Lecturer of Community College of City University, Adjunct Professor of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, member of the Council for Sustainable Development and spokesman of Hong Kong Meteorological Society.


The Green Earth Board of Directors:
Chairperson: Dr. Frederick Y.S. Lee
Vice Chairperson: Prof. Alexis K.H. Lau
Members: Mr. David W.K. Lo
                 Prof. Nora F. Y. Tam, BBS, JP
                 Prof. Leung Wing Mo


The Green Earth 2016-17 Annual Report

The first Annual Report has been uploaded to the following web link, let’s review our first year’s work and achievements. 

The Green Earth 2016-17 Annual Report


Highlights of Our Work

In the last few months, The Green Earth has held a variety of activities and programmes, so let’s have a quick recap!


Green Policy Advocacy

The Modifications of Implementation of Municipal Solid Waste Charging

The Environment Bureau submitted the modifications of Implementation of MSW Charging to the Panel on Environmental Affairs of the Legislative Council at the end of October. The bureau has adopted TGE and other green groups’ suggestion on modifying the implementation content of waste charging, such as expanding the scope of application of the pre-paid designated garbage bags, replacing gate fee by using designated garbage bags to comply with the polluter pays principle and establishing the Municipal Solid Waste Reduction Office etc. TGE hopes the proposal will be endorsed by the Legislative Council soon to address the severe waste challenge in Hong Kong. 


TGE’s policy suggestion to the LegCo in May: 綠惜地球就廢物收費之建言(2017/5/29)


Concerning China’s Tightened Waste Import Policy & Advocating the Improvement of the Recycling Systems of Hong Kong


China will tighten the waste import requirements on 24 types of recyclables by the end of 2017. Waste plastics that are not properly processed will be treated as waste and cannot be imported to the mainland. The new policy has directly stricken Hong Kong’s recycling industry and we are worried that huge amount of resources will be dumped into our landfills. Responding to the policy changes, on 5th September, TGE organized a forum joined by over 200 people, including the representatives from green groups, the recycling industry, property management companies, corporations and academia.

We had Mr. Wong Hon Meng, Assistant Director of Environment Protection Department(Recycling Support), Hon. Ms Tanya Chan, Chairman of Panel on Environmental Affairs of the LegCo, Dr Lau Yiu Shing, Chairman of Hong Kong Recycled Materials and Re-production Business General Association, Mr. Allan Wong, Vice President of Hong Kong Scrap Plastic Association, Mr. Edwin Lau, Executive Director of The Green Earth and Mr. Hahn Chu, Director of Environmental Advocacy of The Green Earth to share and discuss with participants the new policy, challenges to waste management and the recycling industry, the government support and policy direction.

Media release & the main messages of the guests: 中國收緊回收政策 回收業者憂「執笠」(2017/9/5)

Clips of the Sharing Session


Related Articles and Reports:

左右紅藍綠( Pentaprism)「廢紙危機的警示」(2017/9/1)
Ways To Win War On Waste (2017/9/7)
廢紙危機之後 塑膠災難勿忽視 (2017/9/23)
端傳媒 《一張廢紙皮背後,香港老人的困境和中港回收產業鏈》(2017/10/21)


Tiding Over the Waste Paper Crisis Together

The export of waste paper in Hong Kong was stricken by China’s tightened waste import requirements and triggered the recycling industry to stop collecting waste paper for a few days. Hongkongers should shoulder the responsibility to become the problem solvers since we all generated waste paper. TGE appealed to corporations, legislators and citizens to get through the crisis by using less paper, storing waste paper at offices or homes and caring the grassroot scavengers.

Related Articles:

廢紙停收風雲 廢物政策宜檢討 (2017/9/9)
紓緩廢紙圍城挑戰 讓我們成為解決問題的一員(2017/9/15)
廢紙風波未決 乾淨回收禁「淋水」(2017/10/7)


Green Public Education

Green Event Campaign is Expanding!

TGE has started to promote Green Event! Campaign since last year, which was supported by many outdoor event organizers and we received lots of positive responses. Therefore, we decided to expand the scope of the programme by promoting the Green Event culture to more outdoor events, and helping event organizers to incorporate waste reduction measures to make their events greener.


New Programme includes:

1. “Be a Green Event” Outdoor Event Waste Reduction Supporting Scheme (Target: Outdoor Event Organizers)

The scheme is sponsored by the Environment and Conservation Fund, aimed at providing free waste reduction and recycling support to 50 small to medium size outdoor events, including lending recycling bins, offering suggestion to waste reduction at source, ensuring proper recycling and supporting environmental education, etc.

Application Details: http://greenearth-hk.org/en/greenevent/

The Programme Briefing Session was held on 27 September 2017, 82 outdoor event organizers attended and to interact with the guest speakers on organizing green events that will help reduce environmental impacts. Mr. Patrick Lai, Assistant Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, Ms. Brenda Wong, Fundraising Manager of Oxfam Hong Kong and Ms. Vivien Cheng, Director of Community Partnership of The Green Earth shared their valuable experiences with participants.

Snapshots of the Briefing Session: Click here.


2. “Green Event Helpers” Volunteer Programme (Recruitment)

To back up many upcoming Green Events, TGE needs to recruit lots of Green Event Helpers. The first Volunteer Briefing Session was held on 28 September2017 to provide volunteers with knowledge about Hong Kong waste problems and the skills to reduce waste at outdoor events.
Missed the first briefing session? No worries, register to be our Green Event Helpers. More training sessions are coming up. Support us to spread waste reduction message to more outdoor events!

Register Now


Green Events with TGE’s support

Autumn is the peak season for outdoor events and TGE has lent support to several large-scale green events!

Recycling at Theme Park 10K Running Race(17/9/2017)

It was not an easy task for the runners to finish the race under 36 degrees Celsius, however they still tried their best to recycle waste. Thank you for their great effort!



Totem Run, Run Our City (7/10/2017)

More than 2,000 runners joined the 57km race which crossed several country parks where waste was unavoidably generated. The organizer, Run Our City, cooperated with The Green Earth in waste reduction by stopping the use of disposable cups. Our volunteers promoted such green message at different supply depots. Around 3,600 plastic bottles (estimated by weight) were collected on the event day for recycling.


Thanks to Totem Run for raising HK$50,000  donation to TGE through their online donation platform, to support TGE’s  environmental education activities which target at runners:


Pink Dot Carnival (22/10/2017)

 Loving the Earth involves every gender and race. It is the first time for TGE to promote green message in a large-scale carnival where over 10,000 people joined the Pink Dot Carnival. We successfully recovered  two trucks of paper, plastics and glass bottles for recycling. 



Oxfam Trailwalker  (17/11/2017)

This is the second year The Green Earth has worked with Oxfam to make its annual event Trailwalker greener.  We produced a “Trailwalker Green Guide” before the event. On the event day, our 58 staff and volunteers provided recycling support and education to participants along the route and we together collected 219 kg of plastic bottles and aluminum cans (equivalent to 8,760 plastic bottles in weight) for recycling, and 376 kg of fruit peels and cores for composting. We also formed two Green Earth Trailwalker Teams to participate in the 100km race to demonstrate how to join the event in a green way. 

Review Report


Green Community Activities

Barter Market – Driving the Culture of Sharing and Reusing

TGE has been working on a Municipal Solid Waste Charging Pilot Scheme in Woodland Crest a private housing estate. One of the education activities was a barter market that encourages residents to share and reuse things to reduce waste. 


Private Housing Estates Clean Recycling Promotion Activity (on-going)

Have you ever gone into a recycling bin to experience how plastic bottles feel? Our Clean Recycling Showroom is touring around different private housing estates for you to experience the differences between clean-tidy and dirty-messy recycling and understand how recycling practice will affect the value of recyclables.

Private Housing Estates Clean Recycling Promotion Scheme includes promotion day, frontline staff training and out-reach tours. There are still a few quotas for private housing estates and is free to join.

Inquiry Please Call 3780 8380.


Reverse Vending Machine launched at Shopping Mall 

TGE and Landmark North have cooperated to set up a Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) at the mall since October. The public can earn bonus point by recycling clean plastic bottles to redeem rewards. The machine has installed an automatic sensing device, which only accepts clean plastic bottles. You could have a try if you pass by Sheung Shui.


Green Footprints

Where Can Our Recyclables Go? (Green Drink’s Talk) (11/10/2017)


Sustainable Development Exchange Forum at City University (13/10/2017)


Food Waste Forum by Food Grace (16/10/2017)


The Green Gathering under Garden Hill - "The Newest Observation of the Countryside Trails - Starting from Hong Kong's Trails" (10/11/2017)

The well-known writer Mr. Liu Ke Xiang, who published “3/4 of Hong Kong: Hiking‧Passing Village‧Meeting Village Feng Shui Woodlands”, has discovered the beauty of Hong Kong’s trails.

He reminds us that the countryside and trails are the soft power of our city that should not be destroyed.We also need to prevent from paving our country trails with concrete as that will destroy the beauty of nature. 


Country Parks 40th Anniversary (TGE) – In the Country Parks, Don’t be a Big Waster!

Video Link: Click here.


Green Articles

From August to October, our team has released 19 articles:

車輛增長失控 空氣更差怎宜居? (香港經濟日報 2017/10/21) 
The environment can’t wait (SCMP 2017/10/19) 
學掉垃圾 (明周 2017/9/25) 
環保遊學@UTMB (AM730 2017/9/22)



Latest News

Job Vacancy

The Green Earth is looking for new team member who loves outdoor activities and support our green vision and mission.

Project Coordinator / Senior Project Officer (18-month contract)

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