The Green Earth has just moved office! 

On 7th June, 2016, we organized the inauguration ceremony of The Green Earth. One year later, on 6th June, we moved to a slightly bigger office! With the generous support from different individuals and sectors, our organization has been growing well, therefore a bigger office was needed.

Our new address is Room 703, 7/F, Kwai Cheong Centre, No.50 Kwai Cheong Road, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong.

We would like to express our gratitude for our friends who donated us environmental services and second-hand items, so we are now having a comfy workplace to continue paying efforts  in protecting the Earth!

 Acknowledgement: Johnson Group, Green Dot Home, Ecosage, 3M Hong Kong and many individual donors for sending us useful resources.

The Green Earth E-News

(February,2017 to July, 2017)

In the last six months, The Green Earth has held a variety of activities and programmes, so let’s have a quick recap!


Green Activities

Walk for The Green Earth

The Green Earth organized its first Charity Night Walk on February 25th, the coldest day since the winter of 2016. Although the temperature of Tai Mo Shan has dropped to 2.9 degree Celsius, there were still 600 participants hiking to the highest peak of Hong Kong, showing their support to us with their feet. Fortunately, the storm weakened in time, giving us magnificent scenes composed by cloud and mist. Served with steaming sweet potato soup, our event was ended with heartfelt warmth. 

Details of Walk for the Green Earth 

Tentatively, we will hold our next Charity Night Walk on Jan 13th 2018. Where will it be? Stay tuned with us! 


Plantation Enrichment Project

Since late 2016, The Green Earth has engaged in the Plantation Enrichment Project initiated by AFCD, planting local tree species in Clear Water Bay Country Park with an aim to enhance biodiversity of our country park. This summer, more than 500 volunteers joined us to plant 2,500 local seedlings. We sincerely thank the Henderson Land Group and The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) for their generous support and sponsorship. This project will last for five years. Interested parties, feel free to contact us!

Details of Plantation Enrichment Project


The Green Events! Campaign

There are more and more race organizers advocating The Green Earth’s Green Event! Campaign. With our assistance, organizers have paid more attention to waste management, supporting waste reduction at source and clean recycling. Our green event partners in the first half of 2017 include: 

Walk for Water - A Drop of Life
(May 7) 

Wo Foo Social Enterprises - Hong Kong Water Race   
(May 20)

Of course, also our Tai Mo Shan Charity Night Walk 2017. At the end of our event, there were only two bags of garbage. Curious about how we achieved that?

Read more: Article 1, Article 2


For the upcoming Green Events, let’s have a look on how the races are organized in a greener way!

• Run Our City - CONVOY TOTEM RUN 2017 

• Oxfam Trailwalker 2017 


Green Policy Advocacy 

Twenty Years after Handover: the Report Card of Hong Kong’s Waste Reduction

The Green Earth has sorted out the latest data of waste management. In the past 20 years, there were improvements in Waste Recovery Rate, Domestic and Construction Waste Disposal Rate. However, Per Capita Disposal Rate of Domestic Waste has been increasing. While for the Recycling Rate of Municipal Solid Waste, despite there were progress earlier, it has  declined in the recent years.

Read full article here.


Comments on Municipal Solid Waste Charging

Waste charging is a leading policy promoting waste reduction. Our organization supported the policy and hoped that it will be approved at LegCo without further delay. As the policy covers all households and businesses, thus requiring relevant government departments to thoroughly plan ahead. The Green Earth offered our suggestions to the authorities with respect to monitoring, inspection, recycling-related complimentary measures and caring to the grassroots.


Regarding Municipal Solid Waste Charging, The Green Earth believes that:

• The proposed $0.11 per liter charge for designated garbage bags is the bottom-line

• At the early stage, the government can distribute certain number of free garbage bags for the public to get familiarized  with the policy

• To establish a team of Waste Reduction Ambassador for public education 

Read full article here.

The Green Earth, along with other green groups and the Staff Rights Union of FEHD, have proposed a series of suggestions to improve the policy, which include:

• To unify the charging mode as ‘charging by designated garbage bags’

• To establish the Waste Reduction Office

• To train residents as community waste reduction ambassador

• To improve the existing Recycling System

• To rationalize departmental structure

Read full article here.


Pilot Scheme on Municipal Solid Waste Charging

The Green Earth has worked with Woodland Crest to launch the Municipal Solid Waste Charging Pilot Scheme. Through education and preforming waste audits, we aim to foster residents’ understanding of the scheme, as well as to test the outcome of the waste charging policy.  


Safeguarding our Country Park

Country Park is an important natural asset for all Hong Kong people. It serves the purpose of purifying air, providing recreational space, conserving water resources and so on. Once it is destroyed, such precious natural asset is hardly repairable. In response to former Chief Executive’s commissioned study on the development of country park, The Green Earth, along with other environmental groups, protested this act. We also questioned the need to consider developing the outskirts of country park instead of considering many other options such as brown field sites, military camps and vacant land.

Read more: Article 1, Article 2.


Any Improvements on Light Pollution?

The Environmental Bureau has launched the Charter on External Lighting for a year. The Green Earth has made visits to investigate the situation in  urban districts. We noted that there is an overall improvement in light pollution but some areas got worse. Take Causeway Bay as an example, there are more non-static external lighting installations in only a year’s time. Since some of them were on throughout the night, the light nuisance and noise pollution are quite disturbing. Our organization urged  the government to strengthen its monitoring and promotion to rectify the problems of light pollution.

Read full article here


Green Articles

The Green Earth would like to share with you the latest environmental news and our views on the relevant issues. From February to July, our team has published over 30 articles, encompassing waste management, climate change, light pollution, nature conservation and other aspects. Feel free to read and share with us your feedback!

Latest Articles

• 鋁罐山行動2.0 (AM 730 21/7/2017)

• 減燃煤+推節能 雙管齊下減排 (Hong Kong Economic Times 15/7/2017)

• 主權移交的10與20 (Ming Pao Daily 14/7/2017)

• Can Hong Kong Now Expect A Bolder Push To Reduce Waste? (SCMP 13/7/2017)

Read more here.


Green Talks

Apart from writing articles, The Green Earth prefers face-to-face interaction with all of you. We have organized or participated in more than 43 environmental seminars, talks and workshops in the last six months. Any topics that interest you?

Public Sharing on Green Mosquito Prevention
(May 8)   

         School Banner Upcycling Workshop                 Sharing Session on Waste Recycling                                         (July 13)                                                                (June 2)  

               Corporate Partnership Talk                  Green Earth Companion Recycling Workshop
                             (May 31)                                                               (Feb 2)

          Enhancement on Cross Country                               Domestic Horticulture Course 
            Runner's Green Awareness                                                     (June 17)  
                            (June 4)


Green Footprints

The Green Earth is eager to work with different organizations to make a bigger difference!

Beach Clearing Activity in Kat O and Ap Chau (April 22)
Collaboration Unit: Coastal Conservation Hong Kong

The Green Bazaar in Yuen Long Tsuen (April 17)
Collaboration Unit: Eco Capture and Visual Centre in Siu Chi District


Media Interview 

Since there were numerous media interviews in the last six months, it is hard to list all of them. Here is a recap of some interesting ones: 

• 「不織布」濕紙巾 是膠不是紙或棉 混物質變柔軟 難回收分解 (April 9 Ming Pao)

• 香港氣候行動藍圖2030+  (May 27 RTHK 'Climate Watcher')

• 綠在區區與社區回收 (April 20 RTHK31) 

• 銅鑼灣崇光百貨擬建全港最大戶外電視 環保團體憂「閃到眼都花」 (April 19 HK01)

• 垃圾徵費能否減廢?
香港電台《左右紅藍綠》 (3月21日)


Green Volunteer Power 

More than 280 volunteers have worked relentlessly with us to protect the Earth. Their endeavour includes Plantation Enrichment Project, Green Event! Campaign and many more. 


Upcoming Activities

Green Earth Companion

The Green Earth would like to collaborate with the business sector to raise the employees’ environmental awareness and make improvements. In the programme, we provide talks,workshops, outdoor activities as well as tailor-made environmental schemes to create a better and greener earth together. 

More details here.

Clean Recycling

The Green Earth has cooperated with the Environmental Campaign Committee to host a public promotion project on ‘Clean Recycling’. Throughout May 2017 to April 2018, there will be free promotion activities held at 50 private housing estates. The activities include outdoor exhibition, promotion day, staff training, field visits and so on. It aims to boost residents’ understanding and confidence towards recycling and to encourage them to establish  a recycling habit. On the other hand, this can also help housing estates to solve waste recycling problems as well as to get the entire estate prepared for the coming Waste Charging Scheme. 

Be a Green Event! Campaign

Alert to all event organizers! As more and more events would like to join our Green Event! Campaign to go green while making their events enthralling, The Green Earth is now expanding this project  by providing free Green Support Services to at least 25 event organizers annually. The services include 

providing green advice to your events, support in green education and recyclable collection.

There will be a briefing session held in the afternoon of Sept 27 (Wed). If you are a sports event organizer (Running/ Trail Running/ Swimming/ Cycling/ Walkathon, etc.) who are interested in this campaign, please leave us ( your contact information. We will update you with the latest news.


With your kind support given to The Green Earth, we were able to make a small difference. Your encouragement and support will certainly help us to keep moving forward on the challenging green journey.

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