Since the inception of The Green Earth in last February, and time flies, the organization is going to celebrate its 1st birthday in the coming February!  We are very grateful to have the kind support from different sectors and individuals that enables The Green Earth to gradually build up our foundation from scratch. The organization has got five full-time but not full-paid staff as well as over 150 devoted volunteers!

In the past six months, The Green Earth has diligently sown many green seeds in society via various activities and campaigns. We are happy to share our green journeys with you:

The Green Earth E-news

(September, 2016 - January, 2017)


Stop plastic bottle disaster, Government commits to monitor plastic waste

Over 5 million of plastic beverage bottles (with recycling code no.1  i.e. PET) have been disposed at our landfills every day, which created a long-term plastic bottle disaster. The Green Earth held our first press conference in last April to expose the urgency of the PET bottle disaster and as a result, the public concern on plastic waste has been growing.  However, just concern is not enough.  According to the latest figures (2015) from Environmental Protect Department, the recycling rate of PET has dropped below the double digit, which  was only 7.6%.  We hope that everyone of us will act green to avoid using single-use PET bottles and at the same time to practise clean recycling so as to minimize the disposal of PET bottles at our landfills.

After a year of hard work, HKSAR government positively responded to our request in the 2017 Policy Address. The government promised to “commission a feasibility study on how to implement a PRS targeting suitable plastic containers, mainly those carrying beverages or personal care products.”

We understand policy advocacy is a long-term process, The Green Earth will continue to endeavor.

Press release in Chinese: The Green Earth’s response on Policy Address 2017 (on plastic waste)

EPD releases waste reduction report - waste production increased while recycling rate decreased


"Green Bottle Charter" kicks off!

Over 50 organizations supported the “Green Bottle Charter”, where they pledged not to distribute disposable bottled water in workplace, events and conferences in order to help reduce plastic waste.  We welcome you to sign up for the “Green Bottle Charter” and help us create a Green Bottle atmosphere.


Press release in Chinese拒絕即棄膠樽水 綠瓶子承諾啟動禮


Advocacy of green races

There are a large number of small-scale and large-scale outdoor races held every year in Hong Kong, but most of the organizers have not implemented any waste management plans to cut down the amount of waste generated from the race. In the past few months, The Green Earth has actively advocated the concept of green race and we also assisted several outdoor events and races to implement waste reduction measures to facilitate the organizers and participants to reduce waste at source and practise clean recycling, and we have assisted the following events in achieving some good results:

Oxfam Trailwalker – it is the first time that participants of the 100km event were not given any disposable cups, where participants were required to bring their own cups. Our volunteers have actively helped participants to recycle plastic bottles, cans and even food waste at various checkpoints along the route. 

(News 1News 2Green sidelights)

Other events: Ten Times Needle HillUltra Trail Tai Mo Shana 10K Run held in a theme park, etc. 

Over 400kg of plastic bottles, 70kg of cans and 600kg of fruit residues were collected and recycled properly.


Following the journey of Rubbish - Promotion of a sustainable mode of outings 

The Green Earth and some caring nature organizations have worked together to clean up our country parks and beaches. Through investigating the garbage collected, we encouraged participants to understand and rethink about the environmental impacts on nature due to the lifestyle of Hongkongers.

• Clean up Long Kwu Tan Beach 

(Co-organisers : The Jane Goodall Institute,, Plastic Free Seas, 綠腳丫, 毋忘垃圾、Friends of Green)

• Clean up Shoreline at Ha Pak Nai (acknowledge: CLP Volunteer Team)

• Clean up Shing Mun Reservoir country park (acknowledge: Hang Lung Volunteer Team)


Election = Tree Massacre? Can we have Green Elections 

The number of candidates who ran the Legislative Council Election in last September was much more than previous elections, which has also created over 52 million promotional pamphlets, and we estimated that 12,000 trees were chopped for making these pamphlets. However, it was really difficult for voters to opt for electronic promotional materials only. The Green Earth has joined hands with a web-based organisation called “Support HK” to launch a joint declaration via the internet to rally public support for our right to reject paper-made promotional materials.

The Green Earth has met with Environment Bureau and Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau to explore practical ways in reducing paper-made materials of an election.

Press release in Chinese : 勿淪斬樹黨幫兇 籲選民重奪自主 拒收紙本選舉郵件


Green Our City for People: Green policy recommendations for the next Chief Executive

The Green Earth along with 24 groups and academics who were concerned about Hong Kong’s environment and conservation policies jointly made green policy recommendations to the next Chief Executive contenders. The advocacy emphasizes on “Green our city for people”, hoping the next Chief Executive will plan the city’s future development based on improving quality of life for all. We express expectation on the next Chief Executive to re-organize societal development logic, utilize resources wisely and improve urban livelihood. 

Press release: Green Our City For People : Green Policy Recommendations For The Next Chief Executive

We have met with next Chief Executive contenders, including retired Hong Kong judge Woo Kwok-hing and Chairperson of New People’s Party Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee, to exchange with them our views on environmental policy.  


Top ten environmental keywords in 2016

Last year, there were more than two thousand environmental news stories published in Hong Kong. However, with the fast-flowing information trend of our society, we would like to prevent important issues from dying down within a few days. We believe environmental justice should not be forgotten. Therefore, we launched an election to vote for the ten environmental keywords. After voting by public and experts, the following result was obtained. Among them, "soil dump" came first with the highest votes, and became the most important environmental keyword of 2016.

Top ten environmental keywords of 2016:

1. Soil dump

2. Hong Kong beaches swamped with trash

3. Whistleblowers were fired after revealing illegal sewage discharge at Pillar Point Sewage Treatment Works

4. Third Runway controversy

5. Brownfield sites

6. 400ppm (the latest atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration)

7. Hong Kong is a free port to toxic waste

8. Microbeads

9. Path in country parks became cemented

10. Bloody ivory


Save the resources - Promote "Waste Not" culture

Due to overproduction and overconsumption, significant amount of useful resources are disposed at landfills every day. The Green Earth actively promotes “waste not” culture. We encourage owners to share their “unwanted” or “excessive” items selflessly, and assist in finding suitable recipients as soon as possible. We have successfully handled transfer of large amount of fabric, alarm clocks, calculators and office furniture, preventing useful resources from burying in landfills.

Results 1

Results 2


Green footprints


Creative Green Workshops

The Green Earth emphasizes "peer-to-peer" relationships, actively promotes environmental protection with different stakeholders, and organizes various activities such as workshops and guided tours.


Green talks

The Green Earth has devoted lots of resources on education which is an important means to deepen the concept of environmental protection. In the past four months, we have organized or given speeches in over 26 environmental talks, training workshops and sharing sessions:


Media cooperation and interviews

Provided advice and information of environmental issues for TVB's "5 Kids and a Bloke" program (program introduction)

Interviewed by the "Community Participation in Broadcasting Services Pilot Program" – ‘Eco Food Walker’ (program review)

Interviewed by the WECLUB Channel

Program Review: Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles in Cities

Program Review: A New Approach to Waste Disposal in Cities



Efforts of Green Volunteers

Volunteers are our indispensable partners. Our volunteers had diverse talent, such as video shooting, education, trash collection and plant identification, etc.… And they have helped us to complete the following tasks:


Activities promotion

Walk for The Green Earth

This is the first charity walk organized by The Green Earth from 4-9pm on 25th February, 2017 at Tai Mo Shan. Participants will start walking from Rotary Park to enjoy beautiful sceneries of Tai Mo Shan. Through the walk, you will get closer to the nature and also explore the beauty of our country park at night time where you seldom see. There are photo-taking booths set along the way to help participants capture unique moments. Self-served digitized guided tour systems will be set up there for participants to learn and reflect on our environmental challenges. The Walk is also a green event to advocate the core value of The Green Earth. All fund raised will be used to support our environmental campaigns and education programmes.

Join now:

Green Earth Companion

The Green Earth aims to bring more green transformations to participating organizations through the companion scheme. It includes interactive and thought-provoking trainings and activities to help establish green concepts for staff and sustainable operation modes for organisations.

 Details of the scheme:


With your kind support given to The Green Earth, we were able to make a small difference. Your encouragement and support will certainly help us to keep moving forward on the challenging green journey.

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